Land marks and attraction in Blackpool

JBlackpool tower 

Blackpool tower is the tallest attraction in  Blackpool . Blackpool Tower  was operandi to the public in 14 of may1894  and construed in 1891. Th Blackpool Tower was inspired by the Elfidl tower in Paris  its 158m tall . If your  whanting o go to th Blackpool tower  here is the post code is FY2 4B                                                                             Whinter  gardens 

The whinter gardens is a  amazing place we’re lots of thing s go on the most popular place in the whinter gardens  is lumanater  it’s a 3D  landmarks around the world like th Statue of Liberty and the Blackpool tower . Today and tomarriw is shows an there is an the headline ldy and attraction he girl who lives in the  fish bowl.
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Hogworts houses

I. The films in Harry Potter are called  Griffendir  Ravenclaw  Slitharin Hufflepuff

The Griffendir animal is  a loin the Ravenckaws is an eagle, the  Slitheran animal is   a snake and the Hufflepuff is a badger .


Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks off and are refreshed and ready for the new school term.

This week, we are starting our new science topic of ‘Forces’. Can anybody answer in the comments section – What is a force?

Dojo rewards available 🙂

Mrs C

Homework club

Every Friday I will go a homework club with  Luke and Leon my   brothers. this club is for younge careers  in the UK. This club is were every a Friday I will go and do my homework and sit down and get a bit of help. It will help me a lot and do my homework  . There is orther people from iur school as well  Cherry and Jasmin , Cherry is in year 4  and Jasmin is in 3. 

The Cookie Club🍪🍪🍪

Hi Everybody,

My name is Rosie and my Friend is called Emily.Our music teacher Miss Percival is going to help us run a Monday Club at lunch time it is for girls.We might be running a boy club we are not sure!If you are chosen you will do a variety of activities,such as playing the ukulele,singing and going on iPads.Only 2 girls from each year 5 class will be aloud!(you have a better chance of being chosen if you are good for your teachers).

Good luck

yours sincerely Rosie and Emily 5C


my cats

I have 3 cars toffee and cutie  and  mittens (the mother) thy are  very lovely . toffee is the grey and white kitten she is very warm you will like er she will huggle  up to you, 

I have  she is a black and white one she likes to play with stuff and play fight with her sister Toffee .

Now this is mittens the mother she had theses row when she was a kitten ,-